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European free education is available to everyone!

The „FreeStudent” program represents European education. The program provides free education for Ukrainian students in the Slovak Republic, funded by the Slovak government.


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Language courses under the „FreeStudent” program are your opportunity to enter the best universities in Europe and get a job in your specialty where you want it, and not where they take you!


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Ivan Klimenko, 18 years old, student of Pryaszew University (management)

I have been studying in Slovakia for 1.5 years. I study hotel and restaurant business. I can say that this is not the easiest, but interesting specialty. At the university, we make business plans, participate in various conferences, and already in the 3rd year we will have the opportunity to practice in large companies.
I chose Slovakia because education is free here and you get a European diploma. Also, one of the advantages is the language. It is not difficult here and it can be learned in six months.
For students there are many discounts on travel, food, clothing, entertainment. To do this, you must always carry your ISIC card with you, because you never know where you might need it.
I also like the fact that I can easily combine study and work. After receiving a residence permit, I immediately went to work and since then I have changed it 3 times already.
In my free time from study and work, I mostly work out in the gym. I also enjoy meeting new people, especially locals. Slovaks are quite friendly people and it is not difficult to start a conversation with them.
If you are still thinking whether to go to study in Slovakia, then I can assure you that this will be your best decision. New country, new acquaintances, travel and new life.

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Victoria Antonyuk

There are solutions that cut off the path back. They must be accepted. – Franz Kafka
One of these important decisions was my further study abroad. Moreover, this decision was not at all easy to make, because it was not one at the elections. It was a shock for my parents, but for me it was a good opportunity for self-realization.
And now briefly about my move. It was something, and it is simply impossible to convey everything in words, but I will try.

Starting from the limit of things that you could take with you (to be honest, for me it was a moral trauma, because I used to take out the floor of the house for training, and here there are only two suitcases)
Subsequently, a 16-hour journey with the same suitcases (here I was already glad that there were only two of them). By the way, the transfer was organized by the «Free-student» program, which made me very happy and deprived my parents of unnecessary worries.

The next point of the location was the hostel, which was provided to us by the university. The conditions, by the way, are very good and the neighbors make us happy with a pleasant company.

Uni generally caused me deja vu, and of course the fear of what awaits me next… Although, as it turned out, there was nothing to be afraid of, the main desire and a little inspiration, then you are guaranteed a scholarship😉
And finally, the city is the tourist center of Slovakia. An ancient mountain town, gracious with its views, because it is located at the foot of the Tatras.

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Mikhail Shuptar

Most often, the question that I hear from friends is whether it is difficult to study in Slovakia …. , I study at a technical university in a promising specialty in automotive technology, and it’s not difficult for me, I’m interested, but teachers are a separate issue altogether, these are mentors, curators , assistants and even sometimes friends, and you will never feel like a “fool” even if you fail the exam. Yes, you need to study, but it’s very interesting…
It is also important for me that I can legally work without any problems, both during my studies and in the summer.
And well, of course, I entered through the «Free-student» program, I was advised by a friend who also acted through them …. I am grateful for the opportunity to realize myself!

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Kirill Kunitsky

– Why did you decide to use the «Free-student» program?
I accidentally found your program on the Internet. Free education abroad interested me very much and I decided to try it. The «Free-student» program is the only program that gives real guarantees of admission. I trusted your company and never regretted it 😇

– Was it difficult for you to find a job?
– Relatively, not hard. This also struck me, because it is usually quite difficult for students to find work abroad.

– What experience did you get from the beginning of your stay in Slovakia with «Free-student»?
– The most important thing for me is that I learned to easily negotiate with people and find a way out of any situation. I also like my development and learning at the same time. I’m not studying for a scholarship, but I got much more and more important than money😎

– Would you recommend our program to other hesitant students?
– Of course! «Free-student» opens up new opportunities and experiences abroad! 🙌

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Zoya Nazarova

1️. What can you tell about studying at the university?

“Formujeme mysel a srdce”
It is with this slogan that my first year of study at the Catholic University in Ružomberk passes.
My future vocation is a manager, and I receive all the necessary knowledge for my profession at the Department of Management, which is located in a completely different city, namely, in Poprad.

2️. What are the benefits of studying in this country?

Studying in Slovakia has numerous advantages, but the main ones are the constant cooperation of teachers with students and the possibility of self-realization, because studying here motivates you to always move forward and set new goals in your life 💫

3. Why did you choose the «Free-student» program?

I got here thanks to the «Free-student» program, which I chose precisely because of a 100% guarantee of admission, minimal costs with the necessary documentation, saving time, as well as the desire of its organizers to help young people build their better future⏳

4️. What did you like about working with «Free-student»?

What I liked about working with «Free-student» was that the entire entry process was divided into three well-ordered stages, which made it possible to collect the necessary documents in a timely and gradual manner. All the time we were supported and advised, thanks to which everyone could get answers to any questions.

5️. Where do you practice Slovak?

I practice the Slovak language through daily conversations with Slovak classmates, through consultations with teachers and through communication with people at work (by the way, another advantage of studying in Slovakia is the flexible combination of study and work).
The language barrier will disappear over time, the main thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes and be sincere😉

6️. How did you adapt in a foreign country?

Adaptation in a foreign country was quite easy, because I took this step consciously and clearly knew what I wanted. The main thing is to remind yourself that everything that is not done is for the best, and every time when relatives and friends are missed, then call them and move on to meet your dreams ✌

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Victoria Antonyuk

I don’t know why, but before the start of the last semester of study, I wanted to remember how much has already been passed and what exactly awaits me ahead.
Who may not know, after the 9th grade I decided to become a teacher, and my 4 years of life in ChDPK passed, I can’t say anything bad about this period, other than like a new city, conditions and environment. And most importantly, this is invaluable experience, skills and the ability to learn!
Already in the 4th year of the PDPK, I stood at a major crossroads with the thought “what’s next?”. From several options in Ukraine, I chose the Pedagogical University in Ivano-Frankivsk for the same specialty, namely elementary school teacher. But a very important decision at that time was to study abroad, namely in Slovakia.
It was one of the coolest decisions, because in addition to changing the country and standard of living, I also changed my specialty. As it turned out, studying economics and management in a different language and with a different teaching system is very interesting! My main specialty is management and an additional field of tourism, which adds an interesting note to my studies. As I recall my first course, it becomes ridiculous, of course it was difficult, but you can overcome anything if you have inspiration and a goal. In addition, I also graduated from a pedagogical university in Ukraine in absentia.
Why am I writing about this now, because I am already at the finish line, the last semester remains, during which there is only writing a thesis, and then state exams and obtaining a European diploma.
And here I simply cannot help but thank «Free-student» for such a wonderful opportunity to study in Slovakia, without you I simply would never have dared!

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Irina Bayrak

I would like to share my impressions about «Free-student» and about the first year of study in Slovakia. To begin with, until the last moment, the daughter did not know who she wanted to become and where she wanted to study. I accidentally heard about the «Free-student» program and now – she is already in her second year at one of the universities in Slovakia. The company did great last year! During the period of the pandemic, quarantine, the constant transfer of ZNO, general panic and lack of understanding of what and how will happen next, the guys were at their best! We arrived and left! Representatives of the company met all the conditions of the contract and even more. Thank you for enduring our parental panic. Studying was remote for almost the whole year, but it was real study! The approach in Slovakia to this is very serious. Students have the opportunity to work. Travel around the country is free, and the hostel is cozy and warm. I don’t see any cons yet, only if the distance. «Free-student» recommend to everyone!

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Elizabeth Bryantseva

I found out about the «Free-student» program quite by accident in February 2019 and signed the contract in March. The biggest plus for me was that it was possible to learn the language in just a few months and not lose a year, as happens when entering Poland or the Czech Republic. What I liked the most:
all documents were drawn up without my participation – I calmly learned the language and prepared for the move;
I entered the magistracy and initially my specialty was not in the list available for foreigners, but the representatives of the program helped with this as well;
information support and answers to all questions both during the period of admission and after. I have studied for half a year and have never regretted it – here you get completely different knowledge and experience.

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Dina Ostrovskaya

Last year I started studying in Slovakia. Now I am studying in the beautiful city of Poprad, at the Faculty of Education, Department of Management. I am very glad that I chose this country for my education.
Both at the faculty and at the university itself, I certainly like the fact that a pleasant atmosphere prevails here, in which it is good to be and study.
Friendly teachers, who are always ready to help and suggest if the student is having difficulty in some way, are ready to present any information in an interesting and accessible way. It is very convenient for us, students, to have a schedule: study from Monday to Thursday, it helps to earn extra money.
As for work, after obtaining a residence permit, this will not be a problem – Slovak entrepreneurs are happy to hire students.
If we are already talking about the pros, then I think it is worth mentioning ISIC. It allows you to travel around the country for free, as well as receive discounts on many things.
This place is suitable for those who are looking for something new. Here people from different parts of the world, with different views on life. This place is also suitable for those who want to combine business with pleasure.
Yes, there are definitely some drawbacks here, but in any case, I do not regret my decision to choose this particular country and university.

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Valeria Masliy

Why did I choose Slovakia?
Because here you can get a diploma that will be quoted both in the EU countries and beyond. And here is a similar language, but the main advantage is free education.
I have been in Slovakia for 2.5 years now. I live in Ružomberk during school hours, and in Prešov in the summer and during quarantine.
I applied through «Free-student», which I recommend to everyone: all the deadlines were met, we found housing and there were coordinators with us who helped not only to orient ourselves on the spot, but also helped to pass a medical examination, provide legal support and periodically publish job offers and excursions.
They also organize language courses, which are very helpful at the initial stage.
In Slovakia, I like the educational process. Couples until Thursday, which gives enough free time. There will be 9 exams this semester, sometimes a little more. It is interesting to study a lot of practice of acquaintance with different people and professionals in their field.

In my free time, I usually either work or go to the gym or study. Due to the fact that students can legally work here, there was a moment when I had 3 jobs at once)
And so she worked as a waiter in several places, and as a cleaner. Finding a job is not so difficult, the most important thing is to look for it.

When it comes to money, everything is very individual. When I arrived, I liked to save money and literally 60 euros per month was enough (excluding housing). If we talk about average amounts, then this is 100-150 euros per month.
Studying abroad is a huge number of new friends. Now all my friends are here – as we became friends at the beginning, we still hang out.

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My name is Alexandra and I came to Slovakia from Minsk in 2020. Before my arrival, I attended Slovak language courses for a year and collected the necessary documents. By the way, I was helped to prepare and send them by a company that provides assistance with admission to universities in Slovakia and even organized Slovak language courses for applicants.

I had a problem getting my visa due to the coronavirus. But we overcame everything and as a result – I got to Slovakia.

I am a student of management at the Catholic University in Ružomberok. My department is located in another city (Poprad), but this is even an advantage, because from different sides of the city there are views of the wonderful Tatras.
The city is pleasant and with good infrastructure, there are places to go and where to spend your free time. A big plus for me, as for a person who loves to travel, was that the city has very good rail links with other cities and attractions in Slovakia.

In addition to this, a student ID card (ISIC) allows you to travel for free on good Slovak trains, so you will definitely not be bored in this country.
Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, I got to the university only a few times, all the training took place online. It is very easy to get in touch with classmates. The main thing is not to be afraid to ask something, ask for help or some materials. The teachers are very kind, especially to foreigners, but no one just puts an assessment. For example, I really like the way the session period is organized from the whole process of education.
Teachers set several dates, and I choose the one that is convenient for me and sign up, and I can change it even the day before the exam. And I can also set myself several exams in one day, stretch it for a month or pass everything in two weeks.

Classes are held on the Microsoft Tiams platform, which is very convenient because all couples are in one place. If you have problems with the Internet, then even during the exam, most teachers understand the situation, they will call you back as many times as necessary. I also really like that the teachers give the opportunity to take courses from partner companies (we already had 2 of these).

I am very lucky with the leading teachers in the department, because they help with all questions, sometimes even personal ones. In general, I like the country and study in it. There is a sense of calm here, there is no fuss.

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European free education is available to everyone!


Do you want to connect your future with a modern Central European country? We invite parents and prospective students to the presentation meetings of the «Free-student» program, as well as to a study tour of universities in Slovakia. All additional information can be found in the “News” section.

The training potential in Europe is, on average, much higher than in Ukrainian universities of the same level. Free higher education in Slovak universities is rated on a par with diplomas from eminent German universities, and therefore is highly desirable for many Ukrainian students. Graduates of European universities are increasingly valued by Ukrainian employers.


Our courses open up Europe for you


The Free Student program represents European education. The program provides free education for Ukrainian students in the Slovak Republic, funded by the Slovak government. Realizing the importance of Ukraine’s integration into the common European educational and cultural space, the leading Slovak state universities – “Katolicka Univerzita v Ruzomberku”, “Technicka univerzita v Kosiciach” provided a quota of budgetary (free) places in more than 50 specialties at different faculties.


Is it possible to do all this without courses? Yes, but much more difficult. Why take on an extra burden when you can get our help? Your strength and knowledge will come in handy during direct training! Moreover, the prices for our services are more than democratic.




Is it hard to get into a Slovak university?


Quotas, depending on the specialties, average from 10 to 50 places in each direction. The selection of students will be based on the results of testing and interviews. At the same time, the priority will not be the level of knowledge of the applicant at the moment, but his potential and desire to learn. The desire of the future student for change and self-improvement will also be taken into account. Applicants who successfully pass the test and pass the interview will be offered budget places. They will be enrolled in Slovak language courses and become participants in the Free Student program.

Preparation for admission should be quite intensive, but should not be too busy. European teachers are primarily interested in the overall progress of the student. Even colleges do not rest on administrative coercion of students: Slovakia provides education for Ukrainians not for show, but for the output to be great specialists.


The quality of the diploma


After completing the language courses, a certificate is issued on the basic preparation necessary for studying in Slovak universities. For participants of the program, a 100% guarantee of admission. Also, for those wishing to study, study tours to universities will be organized to meet with teachers and deans.

Diplomas of universities with which we cooperate are quoted everywhere in the world. The European certificate of education is a very weighty argument when applying for a paid job in Ukraine. Therefore, it is better to secure your future in advance and take advantage of a free grant from the Slovak government.


Other advantages of free education in Europe:


  • You are always in the thick of things. A hundred years ago, an ordinary city tram ran from Bratislava to Vienna. Czech Republic, Italy, Germany – everything is nearby, to Poland – a couple of hours by car;
  • in addition to you, students from all over the world will attend the training, which will increase your experience, allow you to make a lot of new friends, find a promising job or even your own destiny;
  • You can work (limited) both during your studies and during holidays throughout the Schengen area;
  • Europe has a common educational space. If you want to do science, this is the perfect moment: all the best library collections in the country are at your service, and in the case of especially talented students, you can get a grant to work in other EU scientific libraries.


Cultural difficulties are missing as a class


Ukrainians choose Slovakia as a place to get a diploma for good reason. The eastern part of the republic is inhabited by ethnic Ukrainians-Rusyns, many students from Transcarpathia have a large number of relatives in Presov or Kosice. The Slovak language itself differs from Ukrainian, but not so much that students would not be able to speak it fluently in a matter of months. Many Slovaks also speak Russian almost without an accent – the legacy of the similarity of the linguistic, cultural and mental space of Slovakia and Ukraine, the friendly attitude of Slovaks towards Ukraine contribute to the rapid integration of Ukrainian students.