How to enter a Slovak university?

The process of admission to Ukrainian and European universities has quite large differences.

We will talk about how admission to public universities in Slovakia takes place, since this country is becoming more and more popular for applicants from Ukraine.

First of all, you need to decide on a university, faculty and specialty. It is worth paying attention that in different universities the same specialty can be with or without entrance exams. The sequence of your actions depends on this. Right now, we will talk about the main stages that apply to each applicant.

After the decision has been made, you need to submit an application (e-prihlášhka) to the university. It is submitted in electronic format, after which you need to pay the state fee. By the way, in Slovakia, you can submit several applications to different universities at once.

When the application is submitted, it is necessary to follow the updates of the university websites, where they write all the relevant information – this is if you need to take the entrance exams. If your specialty does not require taking any tests, then all you have to do is wait for the stage of submitting documents.
After the closing of the first term for accepting documents (and it may be the last, because not all universities and specialties open an additional set), a commission sits in the educational institution, which considers all applications sent by applicants.

Letters about pre-admission start arriving already in April-May, but this is provided that you have submitted your documents at the beginning, during the first admission period. And already in the summer, you receive confirmation that you are enrolled and are a student of the chosen university.

It is important to remember that you really don’t need to pass entrance exams for admission to a large number of specialties. And some accept future students based on a certificate competition. At the same time, some universities expect their foreign applicants to provide a certificate of Slovak language level. Therefore, it is better to find out all the conditions of admission in advance, especially since information about the rules of admission for the next academic year usually begins to appear already in September.