Insurance in Slovakia

All parents worry about their children, and when they go to study abroad, the worry becomes even greater. And since the most important thing is a person’s health, you should think about insurance in advance.

Let’s start with the fact that there is insurance medicine in Slovakia. And, of course, for the peace of mind of both parents and students, it is necessary to take out insurance.

Our students have two options. You can take out an insurance policy in Ukraine, then make the next one every year and so on until the end of your studies. And you can make the first Ukrainian insurance, and then take out Slovak insurance.

How does Ukrainian insurance work in Slovakia?

You took out insurance in Ukraine and came to Slovakia. If you suddenly fall ill, you need to contact the Ukrainian insurance company and warn them that you will seek medical help. After that, you receive the necessary treatment, pay for the services, collect all the checks, and after that the insurance company compensates you for the money spent in the amount prescribed in the insurance conditions. The estimated cost of Ukrainian insurance for six months is 50 euros.

Slovak insurance companies

If you want to take out health insurance in Slovakia, you can contact any insurance company that works with foreign students. As an option, you can consider the companies Union or AXA Assistanc. When contacting the local insurance company, you must specify that you are a student, then the cost will be lower.

Slovak insurance can be of two types:

  • the first covers the cost of providing only emergency care (this means that in case of a sudden deterioration of the condition (appendicitis, fracture), you can go to a hospital or an ambulance and get help and medicine);
  • the second option covers all medical care, but it will cost more.

If you do not have chronic diseases, it is cheaper to get insurance in Ukraine. For our students who get a cold or flu during their studies, we recommend that they simply spend a few days at home and take antiviral drugs, because Slovakian medical institutions are usually approached only with serious problems.