Draw of grants from the Guarantor of the Free Student program

The Free Student program helps turn dreams into reality! Every year, our team, led by the Program Guarantor, draws THREE Grants for admission at once.

Every year, approximately in January-February, we hold a competition to receive three grants, which consists of several stages. The first stage is writing a motivational letter. We are waiting for a letter from each participant, where there should be a story, why exactly he is worthy to become one of the winners. There are no strict requirements: write whatever you think is necessary.

After we receive all letters and announce the termination of applications, the Guarantor of our program will review all letters and the second stage of the competition will begin – the interview (or interview). During the conversation, you should show yourself and show your best qualities.

After the interviews, our team will once again discuss all the applicants and we will announce the winners!
What do the top three winners get? 100% discount on the payment of our services, as well as a paid hostel until the moment of obtaining a residence permit.

But that’s not all! If among the participants there are those who really impressed us, but did not reach the main prize, they also receive a gift – a discount on Slovak language courses.

*We always warn about the start of the contest on our Instagram page, so subscribe and be the first to know all the news.

Believe in yourself and discover new opportunities with Free Student!