Basic expenses in Slovakia

If even ten years ago, studying abroad seemed like something very expensive and available only to a narrow circle of people, then later the situation changed. Of course, there are still universities where tuition can be tens of thousands of dollars. But, despite this, many more people can now afford to study abroad. And Slovakia is the best option for students from Ukraine.

The main expenses of the student after arrival

Education in Slovakia is free, so the main item of expenditure can be crossed out immediately. But you have to be prepared that the student may spend a little more money in the first month or two than later. What is it connected with? First, everyone needs to undergo a mandatory medical examination to obtain a residence permit. Its average cost is 140-150 euros. Secondly, not everyone can take everything they need with them, so many buy long-term things in Slovakia: bed linen, cleaning equipment, office supplies and other necessities.

One more point can be added to this: students do not immediately get used to prices in euros. This means they may spend more initially because everything will appear cheaper. Adaptation to new conditions will come, but it takes time for most students.

Basic monthly expenses of a student in Slovakia

As for the main expenses of students, there are not so many of them. First of all, it is the payment of housing (a place in a dormitory or an apartment). The cost depends on the city and the university, but if we talk about the approximate cost of the dormitory, then it is 65-85 euros per month. The next item of expenses is the payment of mobile communication, which amounts to another 15 euros per month on average. Next comes food and the purchase of personal hygiene products. Food costs are difficult to name, because everything depends on where and how the student will eat. Lunch in the cafeteria, thanks to subsidized prices, costs approximately 2.5 euros. Undoubtedly, if you eat in the dining room and prepare your own food, the costs will be lower.

You can also add the costs of public transport, although most universities have dormitories within walking distance.

Additional expenses of a student in Slovakia

This category already includes optional expenses. This applies to clothes, trips to the cinema and concerts, trips, travels. But here too there are many advantages: free train travel for students around the country, discounts on entrance tickets to cultural and entertainment centers, museums, etc. This allows you to spend your free time interestingly and spend very little money on it.

Slovakia is one of the cheapest countries in the European Union, so the monthly expenses of a student are approximately 250 euros per month (the amount is indicated together with the payment of the dormitory). But don’t forget that everyone has their own needs and habits, so we can only talk about approximate amounts.